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BBC Hardtalk: Bassem Youssef

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Fresh Air Weekend: Bassem Youssef

The crazy night Bassem Youssef went through in New York

Heckling of the Jon Stewart of Egypt

Comedian Bassem Youssef will be performing his one-man show at the Stress Factory comedy club in downtown starting at 7:30pm on November 7

Arabic Icon Bassem Youssef Performing in New Brunswick

Live entertainers can evoke a wide range of emotions.

Comedian Youssef know how to get to your heart — literally

If there’s a “normal” path to the standup comedy stage, Bassem Youssef certainly hasn’t taken it


Ten comedians from around the world reflect on the challenges of translating their act to English

The Language of Stand-up Comedy

An intelligent take on global lifestyle, arts and culture

Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef: ‘Satire doesn’t change things’

Filmmakers behind 'Operation Odessa,' 'Tickling Giants' and 'Wasted!

When the Making of a Documentary Is as “Insane as the Movie Itself

A documentary about Bassem Youssef, the Jon Stewart of Egypt (until the regime clamped down), is an ebullient ode to freedom

‘Tickling Giants’: Film Review

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